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Hello, Friends, Today's tutorials are based on the C programming language. Today we are going to make A simple C program to display “Hello World” on the Screen. It is very simple so that the beginners can understand easily. As we know that if someone (user) wants to learn anything in life. First of all, he has to learn its basic thing. So basically Hello World is a basic of c program in C programming languages. Let’s Begin

Program to display ”Hello World”

#include <stdio.h>

Int main()


printf("Hello World!!");

return 0;


Now, look at the function of all the above codes.

1. The First line in the program #include <stdio.h> is preprocessor command, which tells the compiler to include the content of <stdio.h> file in the program. The full form of stdio.h is Standard Input and Output. Stdio.h is a header file (Extension of the header file is .h) which contains functions such as Printf() or Scanf() to take input from the user and display the Output respectively.

2. The Next line Int main() is the main function where the program execution starts.

3. The Next line is printf(“…”). It is a function that comes under the <stdio.h> header file to display the several lines which the user wants to see as Output. (Write your messages under the double comma otherwise it can’t display )

4. And the last line of the program returns 0. This line in the program describes that the program returns 0 value at the end. 

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