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C Instruction With Example in C Language.

Hey Guys, So far we have covered some basic programs and things in c language. In this program, we are going to talk about instructions in c language. Let’s begin…

There are three types of instruction in c language:- 
  1. Type Declaration Instruction
  2. Arithmetic Instruction
  3. Control Instruction
Purpose of these instructions are below:- 

1. Type Declaration Instruction:- Used to declare the type of variable 
2. Arithmetic Instruction:- Used to perform the arithmetic operation 
3. Control Instruction:- Used to control the sequence of the instructions.

Let us discuss this instruction in brief

1. Type Declaration Instruction 

This Instruction is used to declare the type of variable which is used on the program. It is necessary to declare the variable first before using it on the program. The type declaration statement is written in the beginning of the main( ) function.

Ex :-

int abc;
float xyz;
char m, a, b;

(a)  You should also declare the variable value initially look at the example below

Ex :-

int x = 10,  y = 20,  z = 15; 
float x = 17.5, y = 18.5, z = 20.256;

(b)  Always remember the order of the variable, sometimes the order of the variable is important, sometimes not. Look at the example below to see the difference


Int a = 10, b = 15; 
     It is same as 
Int b = 15, a=10;
float a = 12.5, b = a + 4.15 ; is alright, but
float b = a + 4.15, a = 12.5 ; is not.

Because in the above declaration we are trying to use a variable before declaring it on the program.

2 Arithmetic Instructions

The general form of an arithmetic instruction follow rules given below.

i) It must contain one assignment operator  =.
ii) There should be one variable on the left-hand side of  = 
iii) On the right side of =, there should be variables and constants.
iv) And those variables and constant will be connected by some arithmetic operators like +,-,*,/,%.

In C arithmetic instruction, it consists of a variable name on the left side to the = operator and variable name & constant on the right-hand side. The variables on the right-hand side of the = are connected with the arithmetic operator like = +,-,/,*; etc.


int  principle;
float  rate, time, simple_interest;
principle = 100000;
rate = 5.10;
time = 3.6;     /*3 year and 6 Months
simple_interest = principle * rate * time / 100;


  • +,-,*,/ these are the arithmetic operators.
  • = is the assignment operator.
  • principle is an integer variable.
  • rate, time, simple_interest are the real variable. 
  •  5.10, 3.6, are the real constant. 
  • 100000 is the integer constant. 

What are operands?

Variables and constants together are called operands. These operands are connected by arithmetic operators.

3 Control Instruction 

As the name suggests itself ‘Control Instructions’ enable us to specify the order in which the various instructions in a program are to be executed by the computer. In other words, the control instructions determine the ‘flow of control’ in a program.

There are four types of control instruction are:- 

1. Sequence Control Instruction 
2. Selection or Decision Control Instruction
3. Loop control instruction 
4. Case-Control Instructions

In this tutorial, we learn about Instruction in C programming. If you find any mistakes on it. Or if you have any quarry related to it please comment below. Follow us for more programming tutorials.

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Principle or Rules for Writing C Program in C Programming.

In the previous articles, we already told you about variables, constants, and keywords, etc. Now the next step is to combine them (variable, keywords, and constants) to form an instruction. But before knowing about instruction we are going to make a new program using variable constant and keywords.

But before going to make a program we have to study the procedure or rules of writing a program in c language.  Remember that these rules are applicable to all c programs written on c language. Let’s Begin...

  • Every C program statement must be ended with “;” (semicolon) generally known as a statement terminator.
  • All the statements should be written in small letters.
  • Blank space is used between two words to improve the statement readability.
  • No blanks were allowed between the variables, constants, and keywords.
  • Each Instruction in c program is written as a separate statement.
Let us write down our first program in c language. In this program we are going to calculate the simple interest of any amount.

/* Calculation of simple interest */

/* Author Mad About Computer Date: 01/09/2020 */

main( )


 int p, t ;

 float r, si ;

 p = 1000 ;

 t = 3 ;

 r = 8.5 ;

 /* formula for simple interest */

 si = p * t * r / 100 ;

 printf ( "%f" , si ) ;


Explanation of the program.

  1. The first two lines of the program are a comment. The Information provided between the /* */ is the information of the program, programmer, and date of the program when it was written.  
  2. It is not necessary to write down the comment in your program but it is a good practice of the programmer to begin the program with a comment which shows the information about the programs and something else which is important in your program.
  3. After the comment, we used a function called main (). Main() is the function of c program. It indicates where your program has started. When you execute your program it directly executes from the main functions.
  4. After the main function, we declared our variables where p represents the principle, t represents time, the r represent rate and si represent the simple interest respectively. It is necessary to declare the variable before we use it on the program. We already assign the value of the variables. ( p = 1000, t = 3.5, r = 8.5 ). 
  5. After the variable declaration, we have to put the formula of the simple interest into the program. The formula of the simple interest is p*r*t/100. In the formula, you have seen we use (*, / ) symbol. What does it mean? The symbol is known as an arithmetic operator. We discuss the operator in detail later. Just know that * operator is used to multiplying two or more values. And the / operator is used to divide two or more values.   
  6. Once the s.i value Is calculated we have to display it on the screen. To display the result of the simple interest, we have to use printf() keyword on the program. Printf() keyword is used to display anything on the display screen
     The main method to used printf( ) function is :- printf ( "", ) ;can contain,
    • %f for printing real values
    • %d for printing integer values
    • %c for printing character values
    In this tutorial, we learn about principle or rules for writing c programs in C programming. If you find any mistakes on it. Or if you have any quarry related to it please comment below. Follow us for more programming tutorials.

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      Basic Structure of C programs

      Hey Friends, so far we have learned about some basic things of C programming language like ( Variable, Constant, Keywords, etc. ) Now today we are going to learn about the basic structure of c programming. So let’s begin..!!!

      Basic Structures of C programs 

      Basically, any c program is divided into 6 different sections. These Six Sections are:-

      1. Documentation Section
      2. Link Section 
      3. Definition Section 
      4. Global Declaration Section 
      5. Main() Function Section 
      6. Subprograms Section

      Below you find a brief information on them.

      Basic Structure of C programs

      Documentation Section

      In the Documentation Section, the Programmer gives the information (Details) about the program, author, coding details, and some other stuff that is used on it. Documentation Section helps anyone (user, programmer, author, owner, etc)  to get an overview of the program.



      * File Name: Helloworld.c

      * Author: Suresh Mishra

      * Date: 24/08/2020

      * Description: a program to display hello world


      Link Section 

      Link Section is a part of code that is used to add or insert-header files that will be used on the program. This section tells the compiler to link header files from the system libraries.


      #Include <stdio.h>

      Definition Section 

      In this section, we define the different constant. And also keywords as well.


      #define PI=3.14

      Global Declaration Section 

      In this Section, Global variables are declared. All the Global Variable which is used on the program are declared in the global declaration section.


      int a=7 b= 10, float z = 7.10 etc

      Main Function Section 

      Every C program it is necessary to have the main function. Each Main Function contains 2 parts. 1. Declaration Part and 2. Execution Part. The declaration part is the part where all the variables are declared. And the execution part always starts with curly brackets and end with curly brackets. Both the part must have inside the curly brackets.

      void main ()
      Int a = 10;
      printf(“%d”, a);  
      return 0;

      Subprograms Section 

      All the user-defined functions are defined in this section of the program.


      int add(int a, int b)
      return a+b;

      In this tutorial, we learn about the basic structure of C programming. If you find any mistakes on it. Or if you have any quarry related to it please comment below. Follow us for more programming tutorials.

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      Compilation and Execution in C Programming.

      Compilation and Execution 

      Once you wrote the program you need to type it and execute it. To type the C program you need a software in which you type your program called Editor. After type your code, you need another software which converts your c program code into machine language (0 and 1 form) known as Compiler.

      The Compiler software companies provide an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which consists of an Editor as well as the Compiler.

      There are several IDE software available in the market for different operating systems. For ex: - Turbo C, Turbo C++, etc. are for MS-DOS. Visual C++, Borland, etc. are available for Windows and GCC are works under Linux OS. DOS for Android - APK DownloadMicrosoft launches Visual Studio Online public preview and ML.NET ...
                                                                          Image Source

      In my opinion, if you are a beginner you have to use Turbo C or Turbo C++. Once you have mastered the elements then you can easily switch over to other software like Borland or Visual C++ etc.

      Now let assume you are using Turbo C or Turbo C++ compiler. So here are the few steps that you have to follow to compile or execute the C program. 

      1. Start the compiler at C> prompt. 

      2.  Select New from the File menu. 

      3. Type the program.

      4. Save the program using F2.

      5. Use (Ctrl + F9) to compile and execute your c program.

      6. Use Alt + F5 to view the output.

      Note that after compiling the program a new file stored on your disk (.EXE file). This file is known as an executable file. If you give that file to your friend to check your program they didn’t need to compile the file again they directly double click on that file and the file will start executing the program.

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      Keywords And First Program (Hello World!!) in C Programming.

      In C programming language, there are some words stored on its compiler library. These words have performed some task or instruction which was already written on it. These types of words are known as Keywords.

      You cannot define a variable which name is exactly matching with keywords. Because if you create them they perform their instruction rather than yours. Keywords are also known as ‘Reserved Words’.

      In c programming, you can also create your keyword as well. There are only 32 keywords available in c programming.

      Hello World – The first C Program

      Friends, So far we have learned about variable, constant, and keywords. Let combine all of these to form a simple program in C language.

      Let now write down our first c program. In this program, we are going to print a simple “Hello World!!” which is displayed on your monitor screen.  Let’s begin…


      /* Welcome to Mad About Computer */
      #include <stdio.h>
      printf("Hello World!!");
      return 0;


      Now, look at the function of all the above code.

      1. The First line in the program #include <stdio.h> is preprocessor command, which tells the compiler to include the content of <stdio.h> file in the program. The full form of stdio.h is Standard Input and Output. Stdio.h is a header file(Extension of the header file is .h) which contains functions such as Printf() or Scanf() to take input from the user and display the Output respectively.

      2. The Next line main() is the main function where the program execution starts.

      3. The Next line is printf(“…”). It is a function which comes under the <stdio.h> header file to display the several lines which you write in it as Output. (write you messages under the double comma otherwise it can’t display )

      4. And the last line of the program returns 0. It describes that return 0; terminate the int main() function and the program return value in 0.

      In this tutorial, we learn about keywords in c programming language and first c program called Hello World. If you find any mistakes on it. Or if you have any quarry related to it please comment below. Follow us for more programming tutorials.

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      Why we need Entrepreneurship? Full and Final Explanation

      In the previous tutorial, we had discussed the modern concept of the Entrepreneur or Function of an entrepreneur but now in this tutorial, I will going to describe the need of an entrepreneur.
      The common question generally people ask…..

      Why we need entrepreneurs? Why there is a need for entrepreneurship? And many question people generally ask. According to me, in this tutorial, you will find all solution to your quarries.
      Let’s start…

      As we know, the idea of entrepreneurship is quite old, but with modern development, it has been given scientific and economic concepts.

      In the age of competition, people struggle hard to earn their livelihood. All people cannot depend on employment. One has to struggle hard to earn his livelihood. We should have to create self-employment.

      In fact, entrepreneurship is another name for self-employment. To prevailing employment and economic conditions have established that there is an urgent need for entrepreneurship.

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      There are some reasons where we need entrepreneurship. The reasons are…

      Self-Development:- An entrepreneur is always learn something new in his business. He always is active in his business. He always is punctual in his working time.  An entrepreneur is always independent in taking his decision. He is always independent of taking market risk. He has to opportunities to assist others. He has opportunities to create new things. He has always focused to get profit in his business. It helps the overall development of an individual.

      National Development- Simply as we know that everyone plays an important role in your family as well as his country. Like that, an entrepreneur plays an important role in your family or country. An Entrepreneur creates employment and thus it solves the country unemployment problem.

      An entrepreneur helps our country to increase production. It also helps to paid regular taxes to develop our country. It also helps in mobilizing the local resources. It provides a helping hand to big national industries and big businesses.

      Employment Issue:- As we know that the world population increases day by day. And employment opportunities becoming tighter. I mean that it is not easy to find good jobs in the market. Increasing the population is a major way to find a job.

      More population mean a shortage of employment, raw materials, shortage of power supply, and other things. Even in India, engineers and technicians are not getting jobs. This has created a serious employment situation in the country.

      The time has come when many talented people like engineers, technicians, and others should not run after jobs in the public and private undertaking. Instead, they should get self-employment by becoming a small entrepreneur. This will not only evaporate, unemployment but it will also boost up the economy of the country. If follow, therefore, that to tide over the present employment and economic conditions of the country, there is a need for entrepreneurship.

      Hope you understood what I am trying to make you understand. If you have any quarries related to this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share other computer lovers or business lovers.

      Thank you and Having a good day!!!

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      Principles of Software Engineering- Best Explaination

      If you are reading this tutorial by skipping the previous tutorial then I strongly recommended to you to learn first previous tutorial. On that tutorial, I had explained that what is software engineering and what goals are for software engineering. Now in this tutorial, I will be going to describe the important principles of software engineering.

      Read Here: What is software engineering? And Need for Software Engineering.

      Let’s start some important principles of software engineering, software engineering are the generally accepted guidelines that software designers and developers should follow to produce a software product for meeting the goals of software engineering. These this the important guidelines which are described below.

      Precise Requirements Definition

      The designer of a software product must define its requirements precisely to ensure that the resulting product meets user’s true needs. 3rd defined software requirements generally lead to problems in the later phases of software life cycle.

      Modular Structure

      The designer of a software product must structure it in a modular fashion so that it is easy to program, implement, and maintain. A modular design helps in distribution of development task of different modules to different programmers, enabling development of the product in a shorter time.
      It also helps in easier testing, debugging, and maintenance of the product because respective teams can test, and maintain individual modules independently. Designers can do feature enhancements by adding new modules.

      The modular design also enables software reusability because if a module already exists for a desired functionally, it can be used as it is or with minor customization. Third party library routines are an example of reusable software modules.


      As far as practicable, a software product should use abstraction and information hiding. Better understand take an example, in modular design, a programmer should implement each module in such a manner that its implementation details are hidden inside the module and only module interface is visible outside to allow other modules to interact with the module. Object-oriented programming takes care of this aspect of software engineering.

      Abstraction helps in easy reusability of existing modules because for reusing a module, a programmer needs to understand only its interface and not its internal details.


      If we are talking about uniformity, a software product should maintain uniformity in design, documentation, coding, etc. Uniformity ensures consistency, which makes the product easier to develop and maintain as well as easier to learn and use.

      Let’s take an example if all graphical user interface of a software product follows a uniform style (providing the same look-and-feel throughout), it becomes much easier for a user to learn and use the software. Similarly, if all programmers working on different modules of software projects follow uniform coding and documentation styles, it becomes much easier for someone else to understand and maintain the modules. Software organizations adapt and use several software engineering standards, such as design standards, documentation standards, documentation standards, etc. to take care of this aspect of software engineering.

      So these are the basic an important principles of software engineering as given above. If you have much knowledge about these topic then let me know through your comment, and if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share others.

      Have a good day!!

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      Top Programming Book For Programmer

      Hey, guys so today we’re going to discuss five books that I think every programmer should read. Let’s begin 

      Image Source Amazon
      This book is in no particular order but one of the ones that book is for Python lover the book is Effective Computation in Physics. This is particularly good if you’re using or learning to use python in an academic setting as an undergraduate and postgraduate. Lots of information there on how to handle and you need to use python to handle data but it goes into much more. In this book, you will get the command line and takes you through how you can use the command line and how can benefit from using the command line and then it takes you through  Python and programming in Python from basic upwards. 

      In this book, you can get the knowledge from basic to high and this book talks about functions and classes and object and then it puts that to practice in data visualisation and analysis, in this book you can also get the knowledge to sorting your data different file types. 

      It is very much aimed at researcher so if you do fall into that category of a researcher that doesn’t program very much or isn’t you know particularly proficient at programming this book helps you. 

      Image Source Amazon
      Let’s go to another book that’s I really like is Master of Deception by Michelle Slatalla Joshua Whitner and it’s kind of a book just about the old school hacking groups of nineteen the late of 1980s early 1990s they  went into phone systems they were doing freaking they do hacking and do many more to getting a trouble in New York which is too much interesting about these different kinds of hacking groups.

      And how they attacked each other and what they did to really change the world as we know it it’s really cool to know all about the story and I would be recommended to people to buy this book and at least read this book at once.

      Image Source Amazon
      Let’s go to another programming book which I highly recommended to you to read, The Pragmatic Programmer which is written by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas and this is kind gives a lot it this is usually recommended to in a lot of lists for programmer on web developers too, you can see here it is straight from the programming trenches that pragmatic programmer cuts to the increasing specialization and technicalities of moderns software’s development to examine the core process taking requirement and producing working maintainable code that delights it, users. It cover’s topic ranging from personal responsibility career development to architectural for keeping your code and you will also get the chapter of modern software which is totally helpful for you.

      Image Source Amazon
      The other programming book which I recommended to you to read, Head First Java. This book is the one of the best or simplest way to learn Java. In this book, you can learn about Java. In this book, you can get how you can write code without facing any problem and when you read this book you get detailed about simplest coding with an example. In this book, the explanation is too simple and you can get a fun example which is too good to learn to code. 

      In this book, you can get the experts tutorial which helps to improve your Java field. You will also get the professional interviewers question and answers which help to get the job in java field. 

      Now going in a little bit more traditional sense I have an another programming books which I read in college when I took an algorithms class and I have talked about before I think algorithms are something that everybody should probably learn just at least some of the basic it is just an another tool in your toolbox you can use as a programmer.
      You don’t necessarily need to know algorithms to be a good programmer but I think if you know lot about algorithms it can make you better programmer and especially if you are looking to get a job, a lot of companies required algorithms and you are going to need to be good at them to get jobs not at all of them some so if you really want to go in deep dive in algorithms then there is definitely cracking the coding interview which I like I don’t have a book right here the book is Introduction to Algorithms this is the second edition book it is definitely great it is written by Ronald Rovest

      Image Source Amazon
      In this book you will get a large amount of math’s and you will definitely like a college textbook so this is not an easy but if you want to just up an algorithms that you are interested in and get a really detailed overview on algorithms then you can look at this book and try to understand it. In this book, you will too many questions and also available their answers in last of this book.

      In above you have learnt that top programming book for programmer, if you have any suggestion related this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And also comment if you know any programming book which help us in programming. And don't forget to share our tutorial to others.

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      Introduction to C programming language

      Image Source

      I received many messages or tweets, sir, why you’re you not making a tutorial on C Programming? So my friends, today we will talk about on introduction to C programming language.  In this tutorial, we will discuss the c language. What is c? Why we use the c programming language? Why it is important? Is it necessary for us? We are discussing on it. It is the beginning of c programming language. I hope you like it. Let’s start……

      What is a Programming Language?

      Before defining a c programming language, we must have knowledge of programming language. First, we learn, what is programming language then we discuss what c programming language is?
      Basically, a programming language is a machinery language. Programming language helps to give instructions to machine-like a computer or any other.  It is also communicated to the machine easily. As we know that the machine takes information in binary form like 1, 0. Programming language gives us a platform where users connect to computer with making understand. Where are no barriers in user and Computer?

      For example, in modern times students take interest in C++ and Java. It is an object-oriented programming language. And C is a structured programming language. Today we are discussing on the c programming language.

      What is C Programming Language?

      Well, it is a wonderful opportunity to describe the question. As we know that if we have to learn something then we must have to learn basic. In simple, it is known as a basic structured programming language. It is an easy or simple way to learn a programming language. C is a structured programming language.  It is derived by “B” (Basic combined programming language). It is designed or written by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Labs in 1972. When the c programming language launched, it is replaced the other programming language is ALGOL. But when the user or student learn c programming language, student preferred to first learn c programming.

      Image Source

      Some Facts about C Programming Language 

      There are some facts about C Programming Language,

      1.  C programming language is derived by B programming Language.  In the early of 1970, c         
            programming language is launched.
      2.  It is created by the operating system which is known as the UNIX operating system in earlier,
      3.  Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan published his first edition “C Programming Language”,  in
      4. The UNIX operating system was totally written in the C programming language.
      5. In 1983, the American National Standard Institute Committee (ANSI) was decided to modify c
           programming language. This programming language was modified in 1988, which was known
           as “ANSI C”.

      Why we use C Programming Language?

      As we know that there are many languages that are available in the market to learn. But many people suggest to should learn c programming language first. The reason behind that is a c programming language is basically used to create software where we give instruction to the computer and he follows our instruction and does as we want. In C programming language, when we do coding as we want and the computer displayed it.  When we have to make new software then we use c programming language. The language worked as coding and then compile it. Now a question is putting up, what is coding in a programming language? When the user gives instruction to the computer in written form, the written form is called coding.

      If you have any queries related to this tutorial then comment below. And don’t forget to share this post with other programmers. In the next tutorial, we will discuss on the compiler.

      Have a good day!!

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      20 Surprising Fact About The Internet- You Don't Know

      Image Source

      As we know all that how to use the Internet, what it is the benefit? What is work? Why the Internet useful for us? Today we will discuss the surprising facts about Internet. In this article, we will discuss something new about the Internet, Believe me, it is new for you. I hope you like this post. Let’s start…
      Note : - This data take from multiple locations in December 2016.

      20)  Gmail fastest login world record is 1:16 seconds.
      19)  The first email sent by Ray Tomlinson, Ray send first email himself in 1971.
      18) The first spam email sent by Gary Thuerk
      17)  First register domain is 

      Image Source
      16)  In 2004, Google looks like this.

      Image Source
      15) In 2004, Mark Facebook look like this.

      Image Source
      14) You know 15% sex offenders use online dating.
      13) has more than 12 million active members in 2004, and one million babies born have been born Couple who meet
      12) We spend more time browsing with mobile.
      11)  You Know more than 250 million active accounts on Twitter.
      10) 600 million tweets sent every day on Twitter
      09) Approx. 2000 tweets send every second. 
      08) The actual meaning of amazon logo is you can buy everything A to Z. (See is logo arrow)

      Image Source

      07) Check Here How old is the Internet in a number of days? 
      06) First Video on Youtube ME AT THE ZOO 

       05) Most View video on Youtube PSY- GANGNAM STYLE over 2 million views. 

      04) Most Dislike video on Youtube JUSTIN BIEBER- BABY FEAT LUDACRIS. 

      03) Most liked video on Youtube WIZ KHALIFA- SEE YOU AGAIN FT. CHARLIE PUTH. 

      02) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Id no is 4.
      01)  According to Guinness Book of World Records 2005, Mr Barbara Blackburn fastest typist in English in the world.

      If you like this post please don’t forget to share this post and if you found any mistake please let me know through your comment.
      Have a good day!

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      Top 7 Movies for Computer Lovers - Must Watch!

      Hello Friends, In this article we will discuss about top 7 movies for computer lovers. I have collected best movies about computer. Every computer lovers must have to watch this movies. Let’s start…..
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      Top 7 Movies for Computer Lovers
      1) The Social Network (2010) 
      Image Source

      This movie based on the chief executive officer of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg”. In this Movie you can see the early life of  Mark Zuckerberg. You can also see, Harvard University student creates the social networking sites and after some time his two brothers claim on mark, mark stole his idea. For more detail you have to watch this movie.

      2) The Internet’s own boys: The story of Aron Swartz (2014)

      Image Source

      This movie based on the life of Aaron Swartz. Aaron Swartz was an computer programmer or hacker. In this movie you can see about his life and also introduced his partner. You have to watch this movie.

      3) Takedown (2000) 
      Image Source

      Takedown movie based on the computer hacker Kevin Mitnick also known as the dark side Hacker. Mitnick the top most hacker in the world. In this movie you can see his mind blowing hacking, one Phone number which is given by his friend and he hacked Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) main software. You have to watch this movie. To good Movie.

      4) Live Free or Die Hard (2007) 
      Image Source
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      Live Free or Die Hard movie are based on ethical hacking. In this movie a boy whose name Is Matt Farrell who stop cybercrime with his government agent John McClane and save his government computer and save United States data. You have to watch this movie, it is to good movie.

      5) Pirates of the Silicon Valley (1999)
      Image Source

      Pirates of the Silicon Valley based on making personal computer. In this movie Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates. In this movie both are making own operating system which is so challenge full for his, and you see it creativity idea for making a computer.

      6) Jobs (2013)

      Image Source
      Joshua Michael stern is the director of this movie. This movie are based on Steve Jobs early life. In this movie you can see Steve Jobs, how to create a own computer to take help with his friend? You must have to watch this video.

      7) Hackers (1995)
      Image Source

      Lain Softley is the director of this movie. Hacker movie based on a young boy who arrested U S secret service for writing a computer virus, and he banned to use computer his 18th birthday. After some time he unleased most dangerous computer virus. Believe me this movie is to good.
      I am sure you have like this above movie list. Please watch this movie and share more and more.
      Have a good day!!!
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