Basic Anatomy of Computer


In many areas of the world, many things are done through computers. Today, the work of a few hours is done within a few seconds through the computer. A Computer saves a lot of human time. We have mentioned about the history of computer in our last few chapters, if you have not read that then go read it. We have told about a computer history in this chapter. In today's chapter, we will learn about common computer equipment. 

Basic Anatomy of Computers

Before the basic anatomy of computers. We would like to define what is Computer? I have already told it in our previous article with full definition if you don’t know computer we recommend you to read it. So

A Computer is an electronic machine that accepts data from the users through input devices and processess it and gives some output through the output device. This is a simple definition of computer. Now All the computer systems perform 5 Basic Operations these are:- 

  • Inputting :- The process of entering data and instruction into the computer system. 
  • Storing :- Saving the data or instruction somewhere so that when require they are available. 
  • Processing :- Performing arithmetical operation or logical operations on data so they output some useful information. 
  • Outputting :- The Process of producing the useful information to the users through some output devices.
  • Controlling :- Directing the manner and Sequence in which all of the above operations are performed. 

All of the above mention options are performed by some functional units which form the basic building blocks of any computer system.

In this Figure, the solid lines are used to indicate the flow of instructions or data the lines represent the control exercised by the control unit. 

In this chapter we have only see the anatomy of computer. In our next article, we are going to know more about this. Stay Happy.

Images Source :- Google Images.

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