Need of Network Security - Computer Networking

Hey Friends, In our previous tutorial, we had read about what is the network and what is computer networking, if you have not yet read that article, then read it first, then it will read the tutorial. We had said in our previous article that in the upcoming article you will get to read about why network security is necessary, so today in this article we will tell you why network security is important. So let's start.

Need of Network Security

Friends, there are two forms of everything in this world, lose-win, good-bad, day-night, sour-sweet, etc. Similarly, if the network will do your work faster and save time. So there are chances to steal your data. Network security is required only to prevent this data theft. So, whatever data you are sending over the network can reach your location safely.

The Network needs security against hackers and attackers on the network. Network security includes 2 basic securities. 

  • Security of data information: - to protect the information from unauthorized access and loss on the network. 
  • Computer Security: - to protect the data and to thwart hackers.

Security of data information

We all know that on the internet, thousands of important information are exchanged daily by organizations, company, etc. This information can be misused by the attacker for their benefits or any other greed. There are such reasons where information security is needed:-

  • To protect the secret information from unauthorized access. 
  • To protect the information from unwanted editing by unauthorized users. 
  • To protect the message from delay in the transmission lines. 
  • To protect the message from loss and make it to be delivered to the destination properly. 

Computer Security

And another part of network security includes computer security. Computer Security means protecting your computer system from unwanted damages due to network. One of the major reasons for such damages is computer viruses or spyware on the computer. Viruses wipe off all the data or information from the hard disk. And sometime it may cause hardware problems too. The network must be protected from such type of software damages.  The people behind this software damages are generally known as hackers.  As a computer network is a part of it so the computer security from hackers is also a part of network security. The need for computer security from hackers are as follows:- 

  • It needs proper protection from the worms.
  • It should be protected from replicating and capturing viruses from infected files.
  • There is a need for protection from Trojan horses as they are enough danger for your computer.

So, friends in this tutorial we have learned about the need for network security. And the basic type of network security with a full explanation. If you have any questions related to this comment below. We are trying our best to explain or convince you with any other example. You can also read our previous article on Introduction to computer networking clicking the link. Thank more reading follow us for more articles.

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What is Computer Networking? Introduction to Computer Network

Hey, friends in our day to day life we use a lot of technologies which help us to save our money, time, resources, etc. In the 21st Century, technology is upgrading day by day. One of the most popular examples of technology inventions is mobile phones, cars, bikes, trains, etc. How easy has life been with technology being in our lives?  Where earlier they had to write letters to talk to their loved ones. He also received that letter after 3-5 days.  And now press some button on the mobile phone and talk with your loved one, relative friends, etc. 

Where earlier it used to take 1-2 days to go from one place to another. The same today you can reach by Airplane in a few hours.

Where earlier it used to be 1 rupee to send a message from one mobile to another. The same goes for free today with the help of Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. (Just your phone should have internet connectivity.)  There is not one, a thousand examples where technology has made human work easier.

So friends, today we are going to talk on a topic which is much more important on the computer. We are going to learn about computer networks? 

Many users ask me on the comment. Sir, what is networking? And what is the difference between networking and computer networking so friends today we are going to read about networking, computer networking, and what need of computer networking is. So let’s begin…

What is networking?

When two or more devices connected to each other through wire or wireless to share some data and resource like: - videos, audio, files, etc. it is known as networking. 

What is Computer Networking?

Whereas, when two or more computers and associated devices connected to each other to provide information share data, files, and other documents over the network is known as computer networking. 

Networks allow you to share resources like printers, modems, scanners, applications, software disk space, etc.  The network provides a lot of services but in today's life, the main attraction on it is e-meetings, video conferencing, etc. Now, the question arises that if today's group meeting is held through computer networks then there might be some important or secret data also discuss through video conferencing. So, is our data or secret thing are secure on the network. And also is our data reach their destined location or not. The answer to all these questions is clear on the next topic which was what is network security? And what is the need for network security? 

So guys today we learned about the basic information about the computer networks. but if have any doubt or confusion regarding this comment your question on below. we definitely try to provide an answer to your question. Stay connected for more tutorials. 

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C Instruction With Example in C Language.

Hey Guys, So far we have covered some basic programs and things in c language. In this program, we are going to talk about instructions in c language. Let’s begin…

There are three types of instruction in c language:- 
  1. Type Declaration Instruction
  2. Arithmetic Instruction
  3. Control Instruction
Purpose of these instructions are below:- 

1. Type Declaration Instruction:- Used to declare the type of variable 
2. Arithmetic Instruction:- Used to perform the arithmetic operation 
3. Control Instruction:- Used to control the sequence of the instructions.

Let us discuss this instruction in brief

1. Type Declaration Instruction 

This Instruction is used to declare the type of variable which is used on the program. It is necessary to declare the variable first before using it on the program. The type declaration statement is written in the beginning of the main( ) function.

Ex :-

int abc;
float xyz;
char m, a, b;

(a)  You should also declare the variable value initially look at the example below

Ex :-

int x = 10,  y = 20,  z = 15; 
float x = 17.5, y = 18.5, z = 20.256;

(b)  Always remember the order of the variable, sometimes the order of the variable is important, sometimes not. Look at the example below to see the difference


Int a = 10, b = 15; 
     It is same as 
Int b = 15, a=10;
float a = 12.5, b = a + 4.15 ; is alright, but
float b = a + 4.15, a = 12.5 ; is not.

Because in the above declaration we are trying to use a variable before declaring it on the program.

2 Arithmetic Instructions

The general form of an arithmetic instruction follow rules given below.

i) It must contain one assignment operator  =.
ii) There should be one variable on the left-hand side of  = 
iii) On the right side of =, there should be variables and constants.
iv) And those variables and constant will be connected by some arithmetic operators like +,-,*,/,%.

In C arithmetic instruction, it consists of a variable name on the left side to the = operator and variable name & constant on the right-hand side. The variables on the right-hand side of the = are connected with the arithmetic operator like = +,-,/,*; etc.


int  principle;
float  rate, time, simple_interest;
principle = 100000;
rate = 5.10;
time = 3.6;     /*3 year and 6 Months
simple_interest = principle * rate * time / 100;


  • +,-,*,/ these are the arithmetic operators.
  • = is the assignment operator.
  • principle is an integer variable.
  • rate, time, simple_interest are the real variable. 
  •  5.10, 3.6, are the real constant. 
  • 100000 is the integer constant. 

What are operands?

Variables and constants together are called operands. These operands are connected by arithmetic operators.

3 Control Instruction 

As the name suggests itself ‘Control Instructions’ enable us to specify the order in which the various instructions in a program are to be executed by the computer. In other words, the control instructions determine the ‘flow of control’ in a program.

There are four types of control instruction are:- 

1. Sequence Control Instruction 
2. Selection or Decision Control Instruction
3. Loop control instruction 
4. Case-Control Instructions

In this tutorial, we learn about Instruction in C programming. If you find any mistakes on it. Or if you have any quarry related to it please comment below. Follow us for more programming tutorials.

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