In today day to day life, many websites are created and many websites are destroyed but there are some websites which are created just for an entertainment purpose. But overnight it becomes so popular that even the website creator will not be aware of it. Today we are going to talk about one such website which was created only for a small purpose but became so popular that everyone was surprised. We are going to talk about Facebook.



What is Facebook? I think today every person knows what is Facebook? If he does not know, then he is a great man or he has abandoned the world. Just Joking If a person belongs to today's generation, he must know about Facebook or he must have heard the name of Facebook by the other people.
Facebook one of the most popular and biggest social media website ever.  Facebook is an online social networking and media which is located in Menlo Park, California. The Founder of Facebook was Mark Zuckerberg along with their Harvard University roommate’s name, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. In December 2018, Facebook claimed that it had more than 2.3 billion monthly active users. And now in the 2020 first quarter, Facebook recorded over 2.6 billion active users on his site.

History of Facebook 

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg built a website called “FACEMASH” while he was at Harvard University. Face mash was a website in which there were photos of two girls comparing whether it is hot or not. Means two photos were placed at a time and asking the user to choose one hot picture and one not (means not hot) picture between them. Face mash attract around 400-450 users and 20000-22000 photo views+ in the first 4 hours. In the initial phase, when Facebook was made new, it was only for Howard's students, then as the popularity of Facebook grew, it was opened up to Columbia, Stanford, and Yale and gradually Ivy League, MIT, and higher education institutions in the Boston area and eventually it was also opened for high school. Since 2006, any person who is 13 years old can be a member of Facebook.


So, that is for today guys I hope you like the article, one more thing Friends, I have not given complete information in this article, only some basic information has been shared through this article, if you want to know everything related to Facebook, then you can read from Wikipedia. We will discuss some other topics and information about Facebook in the second part of the article.

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HTML COMMENTS :- Single line and Multiline


In Html, Comments are the text or sentence that is written in your Html documents.

They are not displayed by the browser. The browser would ignore it.

The comment appears only in your Html documents. They are not rendered or shown by the browser.

Why We Use Html Comments

It is good practice for both programmers and beginners to write comments in his Html documents.
The comment is a type of code that tells the programmer or web developers what this code is going to do or why this code is written.

How to write Html Comment?

An Html comment starts with <!-- and ends with -->. Notice that an exclamation point (!) on the starting tag but not on the ending tag. An exclamation point (!) is placed only on start-tag, not on the end tag.

<!-- Comment goes here -->

Single line comments

Comment which comes only on one line is known as Single line comments. Example of single-line comment is below:-


<p> This is Paragraph tag. </p>  <!--  This is a Comment -->


Multiline Comments

We have talked about single line comments so far, but you can also comment through multiple lines. Html also supports multi-line comments. You have just put <!-- on the start tag and --> on the end tag. Let’s see through an example


<p> This is Paragraph tag. And this is an example of  multiline comment.  </p> 
This is an example of a multiline comment. 


So that it for today guys. I hope you liked the article as well as Html Series. Thank you for your huge support. If you have any quarries related to this article comment below or DM on my social media.

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In Html, there are several elements that define text with a special meaning. 


<b>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <i>, <em>, <mark>, <small>, <del>, <ins> 

<b> and <strong> elements in Html

 <b> tag is known as the Bold tag. It is used to make your text bold.


<p> This is a <b> Bold (Adding some more text to show you) </b> tag. </p>


<strong> tag is also used to do text bold. But <strong> element define text with strong importance


<p> This is a <strong> Example of Strong Tag. </strong> </p>


<sub> and <sup> elements in Html

Subscript tag

In Html, <sub> tag is known as Subscript text. It is used to appear text character smaller and below the normal text. It is used to write a chemistry formula like H2O, C6H12O6, etc. Let’s see through an example.


<p>This is <sub> subscripted </sub> text. </p>


Superscript tag

In Html, <sup> tag is known as Superscript text. It is used to appear text character smaller and above the normal text. It is used to write math equation like ax3 + by2 + c = 0 etc. Let’s see through an example.


<p>This is <sup> superscripted </sup> text. </p>


Some other formatting Html Elements:-

  • <b> - The <b> tag is known as bold tag. It is used to make text bold comparing to other normal text.
  • <strong> - It defines that text is Important text.
  • <i> - The <i> tag is used to make text italic.
  • <em> - The HTML em element marks text that has stress emphasis.
  • <mark> - It is used to make your text Marked or Highlight.
  • <small> - It indicates that your text is smaller text.
  • <del> - It indicated that your text is deleted from documents. The browser usually strikes a line through the text.
  • <ins> - It indicated that a text has been inserted into a  document. 
  • <sub> - It is used to text small and below the normal text.
  • <sup> - It is used to text small and above the normal text.

Friends, I have not told you about all the formatting in this article because there is nothing tough in it. Anyone can check the example and apply it by looking at one of those two examples.

See friends, the more you practice, the more you know about Html, then according to me, you should practice more and more.


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In Html, the style attribute is used to add style to an element. Eg Color, background color, font size, weight, etc.

Syntax of the Html style

<tagname style= "property: value;">

The Property and value is the CSS property and value respectively.

Background Color

You can change your Html webpage background color. 
The CSS background-color property was used to change the background color of your webpages.

Example to change whole page background-color

<body style = "background-color:Yellow">

<h1> Example of HTML Styles </h1>

<p> This is a paragraph tag. </p>



Example to change background color of two different elements:-

<h1 style=”background-color:red”> Example of HTML Styles </h1>

<p style=”background-color:yellow”> This is a paragraph tag. </p>



You can also change your text color by applying CSS color property. Let’s see through an example.

Example to change text color:-

<h1 style = "color: purple"> Example of HTML Styles </h1>

<p style = "color: Blue"> This is a paragraph tag. </p>



You can change your text size by applying font-size CSS property. Let’s see through an example.

Example to change font size

<h1 style = "font-size:48px"> Example of HTML Styles </h1>

<p style = "font-size:40px"> This is a paragraph tag. </p>



You can also change your fonts by applying font-family CSS property. Let’s see through an example.

Example to change fonts

<h1 style = "font-family:Algerian"> Example of HTML Styles </h1>

<p style = "font-family: Forte"> This is a paragraph tag. </p>


So friends, today we learned about Html styles I hope you understand. If you have any quarries about this article comment below.

Thank you so much for visiting here.

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HTML Paragraph

In Html, you can write a paragraph by using <p> tag.

Remember that whenever you put <p> tag on your Html document. Your paragraph starts with a new line every time.

Example :-

<p> Example of html paragraph </p>

<p> Another example of html paragraph </p>



With Html, you can’t add extra space or extra line in paragraph by yourself in your Html code.

The browser automatically removes the extra space or line.

Look at the Example below:-

<p> This is an Example




<p> This      is         another

example        of                html

P       a       r     a    g      r     a     p   h .



Now, doubt comes in your mind that if I want a space or a new line then how we could add them to a paragraph. So, friends, I have a solution to it. Let’s check how we can add space or a new line in our paragraph line.

To add new line use <br> tag

If you want to add a new line in your paragraph you have to use “<br>” tag (also known as break tag) from where you wanted to add a new line. It is also known as Line Break. Let's see an example of it.

And if you want to add some space in your paragraph just use the (&nbsp) entity in your Html file.

Example of a line break or add a new line:-

<p> This is an <br> Example of Break Tag <br> used in paragraph tag. </p>

Example of adding some space in your paragraph:-

<p> This is an E &nbsp X &nbsp A &nbsp MPLE of add space. </p>


Break Tag


Now, some users doubt what they would do if they wanted the text to remain the same. So there is a way. Let’s talk about it

The <pre> Html Element

HTML <pre> tag is known as (preformatted text). I think you must know by its name. The preformatted text means which presented the text exactly written in your Html file.




This         is       Example    

                                                                of    the preformatted




That is for today guys. I hope you liked the article. If you have doubt comment them or DM me on my social media given on the website.

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Hey Friends

Moving on to the Html Series, today we are going to talk about Html Heading. HTML Heading is the Html tag that is usually used in the Html documents. So without wasting time, Let’s Begin

HTML Heading

Heading tags generally used to show title or subtitle of your Html Pages. 

This line (heading) appears above the paragraph of the webpage so that people can understand what this paragraph wants to tell us about.

Syntax of the heading tags are:-

<h1> ………….. </h1>

<h2> ………….. </h2>

<h3> ………….. </h3>

<h4> ………….. </h4>

<h5> ………….. </h5>

<h6> ………….. </h6>

<h1> heading tag defines the largest heading and <h6> define the smallest heading. 

Note: - You can only use tags from h1 to h6.

Aligning HTML Headings

You can also align the HTML Heading by yourself. You have to just put style on your heading. To align headings we need to use the text-align CSS property with value LEFT, RIGHT OR CENTER. By Default, your heading show on the left of your browser and if you want it somewhere else use the style shown on the example below

Example: -

<h1 style= "text-align: Right"> Example of Heading aligned Right. </h1>

<h2 style= "text-align: Center"> Example of Heading aligned Center. </h2>

<h3 style= "text-align: Left"> Example of Heading aligned Left </h3>


Heading Color

You can also change your heading color by putting color property of CSS on your Heading Tag. To change the color of the heading use the style is shown in the example below.


<h1 style= "color: red"> Example of Heading With Red Color. </h1>

<h2 style= "color: blue"> Example of Heading With Blue Color. </h2>

<h3 style= "color: purple"> Example of Heading with Purple Color. </h3>


So, in this article, you have learned about the Html heading and its types. We have also used some CSS styles used on the heading tag. I hope you understand what I wanted to explain. If there are any quarries related to this article comment below or message me on my Instagram or Facebook or any other social media. I will try to explain it to you again. Hit the share button if you like the content. See you in the next article.

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How to Increase Your Computer Speed?

Hey Friends, 
It's been years since you bought your computer, and now your computer has slowed down compared to the earlier speed. So believe me, today's post is only for you or for those people like you who are going through this problem.

Today we are going to learn some computer tricks that may help you to make your computer speed much faster than since before. If there is internet available on your computer and you have been using the internet for a long time. Then this trick definitely works on your computer so without wasting time. Let's start

Clearing the Window %Temp% Folders

Step 1:- Open the Run window or Press (WINDOW  + R) to open.

Step 2:- Type (%temp%) in the run window.

Step 3:- Click on the Ok button.

Step 4:- Press CTRL + A to select all the files or folder.

Step 5:- then Press the delete button or (Shift + Delete + Enter) to delete all the selected files.

Note: - Not all the files or folders may delete because some files or folders are used to do some works on your computer.

Delete (Prefetch) or Temp Files from Computer

Steps to delete prefetch or Temp files from the Computer.

Step 1:- Press (WINDOW + R) to open the run window

Step 2:- Type (prefetch) or (Temp) on run window

Step 3:- Click on the OK button

Step 4:- Select all the files using CTRL + A

Step 5:- Then press the delete button or (Shift + Del + Enter) to delete permanently.

(Both Command has the same procedure so don’t be confused among them)

So friends these are the small tricks that may help you to make your computer speed fast. If you like the trick so please share it with your friends, relatives, etc. If you have any quarries on this article so let me know with your comments or DM me on my social media. I hope you liked the article we will back again with a new article.

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HTML ATTRIBUTES :- Explanation with Example

Hey Guys, we are back again with a new article. I hope you like the series of HTML, in the previous article we learned about HTML Editors and Visual Studio Code hope you like the article, and you haven’t any queries about the article. And if you have any queries, DM me on my social media or Comment below the article. Let’s go with our new article in this article we are going to cover HTML attributes. But before that, you should clear about what HTML elements are. If you do not know about HTML element then you may get some trouble in understanding HTML attributes. So first read about Html Element then read HTML attributes.


Html attributes are used to add information about the Html element. It provides additional information about the elements.

  • The attribute is always specified (placed) on the “starting tag”.
  •  It never is on “Ending tags”.
  • All Html elements can have attributes.
  • Html elements can have multiple attributes.
  • Html Attribute is composed of name/value pairs.
  • Example:- name = “value ”
  • A value can be surrounded by quotation marks (“ ”)
       as well as Single Quote (‘ ’).  

An HTML Attribute is composed of
  • An Attribute name (Name)
  • An Equal Sign (=)
  • A value surrounded by quote either single or double (“Value”)

Let us see with another example:-

The (src) Attribute

The <img> tag is used to embed (insert) an Image in a Html page. The src attribute describes the path where the image is at.




<title> Example of Attributes in HTML </title



<img src = "C:\Users\Mad About Computer\Desktop\ronaldo.jpg”>




I hope you have understood, what I want to explain to you. If you have any quarries related to this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share with other computer lovers or Friend Circle those who interested to learn HTML.

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