Introduction– The Concept of Buses in Computer

Hello Friends, Today we are going to introduce the concept of buses which form the basis of internal connections in terms of data transform controls etc. They are also responsible for the speed of a computer system as their size highly affects the processing capacity of it.

Larger the size is going on increasing in order to provide more efficient, faster and accurate machines. And upcoming tutorials we will also describe the future trends of peripheral devices and buses. And we will also discuss the cost performance analysis while designing the system in upcoming tutorials.

What is the Bus in Computer?

A bus is a means of exchanging information between the components of a computer. Generally, a computer uses two or more conductors running in parallel to carry information in the form of electronic pulses.

A common communication channel between a number of devices uses parallel wires to carry address, data, control signals and power. All the cables are different with the different grouping of conductors. But the communication paths inside the CPU that are used to connect the internal components of the CPU are called buses. Similarly, a communication path connecting the CPU to memory is a bus.

A bus is merely a group of wires that carry information between different components. Depending on the type of information carried by them they can be classified as...

1. Address Bus
2. Data Bus
3. Control Bus

A bus may be unidirectional or bidirectional depending on the requirement of the information. Similarly, if it connects the components of CPU then it can be internal buses and if it connects the CPU with the external components then it is an external bus. Whether it is an internal bus or external bus depending on the type of information they have the classification as an address bus, data bus, and control bus.

In the next tutorial, we will be discussed address bus, data bus, and control bus. if you have any query or doubt related this tutorial then let me know through your comment and if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share other computer lovers.

Have a Good and a Great Day!!

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10 Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone should know…

Hey, what’s up, guys?

I am creating a tutorial here that I hope will be extremely helpful for you based on my learning experience doing this thing for myself. Today I am going to describe to you the best of what I have learned, in more than 5 years of being in the computer field.

Today, I have a bunch of cool stuff for you 10 tips that really everyone should know about using your computer. Some tips are for windows specific and some are just for any computer, some have for internet browsers. So I have a lot of variety and you have to select which is pretty interesting.

So, let’s start... I hope you like this tips and tricks as given below…

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1. Use the Math Input Panel in Microsoft Office

Have you ever heard about math input panel? For many people is useless, but for others, it is a life saver. You can open it by searching math input panel in it Start menu.

And then you’ll be shown what looks like graph paper or something like that. What this tool lets you do is draw out mathematical equations, and it will attempt to convert it to text.

So if you are writing in Microsoft word or excel and you need to write mathematics equation then you can simply write it out, and it will do all that for you, and you just hit the “Insert Button” to paste it into the document. So I think if anyone who takes math courses will find this especially useful.

2. Text Selection option

Everyone knows how to use this option, obviously, if you click and drag regularly, it select texts by the character but you didn’t already know you can actually double click and on the second click you start dragging and it will select text by the word instead of just by the character.

And if you can actually triple click, then it will select by the entire paragraph. So if you know that you’re going to be selecting an entire paragraph of stuff triple-clicking will make it a lot easier to select individual paragraph without having to get it exact with the character level.

You can also select on the top of that if you hold down alt and start the select text it will allow you to select a vertical section of text it says having to do it. Just line by line. You can use this option in chrome or Microsoft office.

3. Use Incognito Mode in a Public cafe

Hundreds of people are using public computers every day, and if you’re in this situation where you have to use one, it’s really important to protect yourself. One of the simplest things you can do is called private browsing.

Almost all modern browser has a feature for private browsing or “Incognito mode” which basically means, nothing will be saved from your online session.
When you’re done then close the browser, and there won’t be any history or anything else about you for the next person to find.

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4. Press Tab in Text Field

This option is going to work on any type of computer an operating system, windows mac whatever and hopefully you already know this one but if you didn’t you can actually press tab when you’re entering different text fields and it will automatically move to the next text box.

So if you’re filling a signup form or your address details or something instead of having to go and click into the next box.

You have to use the tab button to go to the next tab and maybe some of you who knew that one didn’t know this if you press shift + tab then tab it will go to the previous box. If you press tab earlier accident then you can press shift-tab it goes back, and you can do it that way as well.

5. How to Use Gmail Undo Send? 

This option is going to save a lot of you guys a headache and it is the small undo send option so if you don’t know then I will inform you Gmail has an option to undo sending within a certain time frame and to enable it all you do is go to the gear option.

1. Go to the setting
2. And then go to the general setting,
3. Scroll down and you will see an option to enable undo send and you have to enable it and then you would have an option to delay by 5 to 30 seconds, and within a time frame after you send an email you have an option to choose click to undo and it won’t send it.

6. Using Alt + Tab Command

In windows, one now if you already know how to do Alt + Tab that’s pretty useful it allows you to switch between different windows quickly if you play a lot of video game that is full screen then this is especially useful, But did you know that there is better-looking version of ALT + tab that is the windows Tab. So this is going a little bit different depending on which version of windows you have.

7. Using Loop option in YouTube

This tip is very easy and really quick one for YouTube so obviously you guys can all enjoy it. If you ever want to watch a video loop like a song or something like that then all you have to do that go to video and right click on it and select loop option.

And if it doesn’t show up the drop-down, for example, you are using HTML 5 or something like that if you right click without moving the cursor it will bring up the normal context menu you’re used to instead of the custom YouTube one and there will also be another option to loop it that way.

8. Using Ctrl + Shift + T Command

In Google Chrome, if you accidentally close out a browser tab you can bring it back with using the powerful command Ctrl + Shift+ T and it will restore the tab that you just closed accidentally or even close severally tabs ago.

It will restore one by one or even you close three or more tabs in a row, you can also get it back, even if you close out chrome together if you close the program then open it up again and press Ctrl + Shift + T. it will bring up it back that you closed just last. So, this is a great way to restore tab.

Important Note
If your computer crashes then it will not work. Or if you’re using incognito mode then it will not work for pretty obvious reason the whole idea is with incognito mode. It doesn’t save history at all so once you close the tab it’s gone.
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9. Chrome In-Site Search

The Next tips are specific to Google Chrome but they might work in other browsers as well, if you want to search within a specific site then you can actually go into the address bar type that name of that website like facebook.com, or maybe Google.com and instead of pressing enter.

But if you pressing tab it will allow you to enter a query that will only search within that site there are advanced way to types in command into the Google search bar to do this, but this is the way to easier, you can do a write-in chrome, and typing address bar then press alt and search you are good to go.

10. Drag a File Using Left Click

This tips hopefully everyone knows how to click and drag a file if you don’t know then you have to left click on the file and drag it to another folder and moves it there, but did you know that you can also drag a file and move another folder by using right click.

You can also use various option to send but this could be faster than all that and if you have another program then copy and paste, those should show in the context menu as well.

Hopefully, you guys did still find these tips really useful maybe even the first one, I think there’s a lot of people really don’t genuinely knows about going outside it seems like it. But anyway, if you guys know any other tips then you can let us know down the comment section. Also if you like this tutorial then share to another computer lover.

Thanks and God Bless!!

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