Principles of Software Engineering- Best Explaination

If you are reading this tutorial by skipping the previous tutorial then I strongly recommended to you to learn first previous tutorial. On that tutorial, I had explained that what is software engineering and what goals are for software engineering. Now in this tutorial, I will be going to describe the important principles of software engineering.

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Let’s start some important principles of software engineering, software engineering are the generally accepted guidelines that software designers and developers should follow to produce a software product for meeting the goals of software engineering. These this the important guidelines which are described below.

Precise Requirements Definition

The designer of a software product must define its requirements precisely to ensure that the resulting product meets user’s true needs. 3rd defined software requirements generally lead to problems in the later phases of software life cycle.

Modular Structure

The designer of a software product must structure it in a modular fashion so that it is easy to program, implement, and maintain. A modular design helps in distribution of development task of different modules to different programmers, enabling development of the product in a shorter time.
It also helps in easier testing, debugging, and maintenance of the product because respective teams can test, and maintain individual modules independently. Designers can do feature enhancements by adding new modules.

The modular design also enables software reusability because if a module already exists for a desired functionally, it can be used as it is or with minor customization. Third party library routines are an example of reusable software modules.


As far as practicable, a software product should use abstraction and information hiding. Better understand take an example, in modular design, a programmer should implement each module in such a manner that its implementation details are hidden inside the module and only module interface is visible outside to allow other modules to interact with the module. Object-oriented programming takes care of this aspect of software engineering.

Abstraction helps in easy reusability of existing modules because for reusing a module, a programmer needs to understand only its interface and not its internal details.


If we are talking about uniformity, a software product should maintain uniformity in design, documentation, coding, etc. Uniformity ensures consistency, which makes the product easier to develop and maintain as well as easier to learn and use.

Let’s take an example if all graphical user interface of a software product follows a uniform style (providing the same look-and-feel throughout), it becomes much easier for a user to learn and use the software. Similarly, if all programmers working on different modules of software projects follow uniform coding and documentation styles, it becomes much easier for someone else to understand and maintain the modules. Software organizations adapt and use several software engineering standards, such as design standards, documentation standards, documentation standards, etc. to take care of this aspect of software engineering.

So these are the basic an important principles of software engineering as given above. If you have much knowledge about these topic then let me know through your comment, and if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share others.

Have a good day!!

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What is Software Engineering? Need For Software Engineering.

This tutorial is going for those people who want to build his/her future in software engineering. As we know in modern times many software is available for a wide range application. Today I am going to describe general knowledge about software engineering which I have. In this tutorial, I will tell you what is software engineering and why we need to learn software engineering. Hope you like my thought or view on this topic. Let’s start…

What is Software Engineering?

Before knowing what is software engineering, we must have the knowledge about what is software? Simply we know that software is a set of computer programs, procedures, and associated documents. On the other hand, “engineering” it is a systematic application of scientific knowledge in creation and building of cost-effective solutions to practical problems.
Hence, “Software engineering” It is a systematic application of principles of computer science and mathematics in creation and building of cost-effective software solutions.

Need for Software Engineering

Simply we know that software has evolved from an item of minor economic concern with first-generation digital computers to one of major concern in today’s computing system. With the increased use of computers in every occupation, the volume of software required has increased steadily, and software cost has increased even more rapidly. With software products growing in scale and complexity, the number of software developers involved in a software development project has been increased proportionately.

Software industry soon realized that managing the development of large software products and maintaining them is a difficult task. Software development projects frequently faced the problems of missed schedules, cost overruns, and low-quality software products.

Moreover, use of progressively larger software products in sensitive applications, where errors in software products could have severe and even life-threatening consequences, required correctness and reliability of software products to be of very high degree.

These quality and productivity demands for software products led to the introduction of systematic practices later on known as software engineering practices in the software industry.

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Next tutorial we will discuss what is the principal of software engineering. And hope you understand what is software engineering and why we need to learn software engineering. If you any doubt related this tutorial then let me know through your comment or you can send me an e-mail. And if you like this post then don’t forget to share other computer lovers.

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What is Application Software? And Types of Common Application Software.

In the previous tutorial, we had discussed System software and some common types of system software but now we are going too discussed Application software in this tutorial. If you are reading this tutorial by skipping the previous tutorial then you must have to read the previous tutorial to better understand about Application software. Let’s start…
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Application software is a set of one or more programs, which solves a specific problem or does a specific task. For example, Payroll processing software, railway reservation software, Airlines reservation software, examination result software, computer games software. These are application software which we used for a long time for official work purpose, entertain purpose and any other kind of purpose. In short, a program written by a scientist to solve a research problem is also application software. The application program is when all programs are included in the application software package are called application programs, and programmers who prepare application software are referred to as application programmers.

As we know that today in our modern time, uncountable application software packages are available for a wide range of applications. They range from simple application such as word processing, preparation for tax returns, inventory management, administration insurance, publishing, inventory management, to complex scientific and engineering applications such as weather forecasting, space shuttle launching, oil and natural exploration, design of complex structures like aircraft, ships, bridges, sky-rise buildings, etc. with so many application software are available in the market.

It is not possible to categorize them all and to cover them here. But some commonly known application software in market which is given below:-

1. Word-Processing Software:- word processing software is very important software in application software world. It allows to user to creating, editing, viewing, formatting, storing, retrieving, and printing documents like written material, such as reports, book, notice, stories and many another kind of documents. Basically, we use this application software for documentation work.

2. Graphics Software:- As we know that graphics software allow us to use an operating system for creating, editing, viewing, storing, retrieving, and printing of design, drawing, pictures, graphs, etc.

3. Entertainment Software:- Entertainment software described itself name. it allows an operating system to be used as an entertainment tool. Computer video games belong to this category of software.

4. Personal Assistance Software:- Personal assistance software allows us to use personal computers for storage and retrieval for our personal information, as well as planning and management of our schedules, contacts, finances, and inventory of important items. Many business tycoons use this software to manage our timetable or our company details.

5. Educational Software:- Educational software allows an operating system to be used as a teaching and learning tool. Some common example of this software is included that those who used for teaching mathematics, grammar, language, or any other subjects.

6. Spreadsheet Software:- Spreadsheet software is a numeric-data-analysis tool that allows to user to create a kind of computerized ledger. A manual ledger is a book having row and columns that accountants use for keeping a record of financial transactions and for preparing financial statements.

7. Database software:- this is last but no least software on this list. It is my favorite software. A database is a collection of related data stored and treated as a unit for information retrieval purpose. It is a set of programs that enable us to create a database, maintain it like add, delete, and update its records, it organizes its data in a desired fashion and selectively retrieves useful information from it. For example, suppose you need a query such as get the telephone number of the person named Mahesh Mishra for the address database or get the names of all currently enrolled students whose birthdays fall today for the student database can be handled easily.

So these are the common application software as given above, if you know something new about this tutorial then let me know through your comment and if you like this tutorial then share to other computer lovers.

Have a good day!!

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What is system software? – Best Explanation

In the previous post, we had discussed the relationship between hardware and software. if you are reading this tutorial by skipping the last tutorial then I would strongly be recommended to you to read the previous tutorial because on that tutorial I had explained about basic introduction about computer software. In this tutorial, I will be going to explain the types of computer software and what is system software? I hope it is useful to you. Let’s start…

As we know that the range of the computer software available in market is vast and varied, today we classified computer software most into two categories

1. System Software        2. Application Software

What is System Software?

System Program: It is a set of a program which controls our computer system operation and it is extending the processing capability. In short, you can say that an operating system software performs one or more of the following functions as given below.

1. System software supports execution of the other application software.
2. System software supports the development of other application software.
3. System software communicates with and controls operation of peripheral devices like tape, our disk, our printers etc.
4. It monitors effective use of various hardware resources such as our central processing units (CPU), peripherals, memory etc.

Hence, we can say that our operating system software makes the operation of a computer system more effective and efficient. It also helps to hardware components work together and provides support for the development and execution of application software (like programs). We can say that programs included in a system software package are called system programs, and programmers who prepared our system software and also referred to as system programmers.

Now we are going to discuss some commonly known the types of system software as given below:
1. Communication software:- In a computer network where many computers are interconnected together by the communication network, communication software enables transfer of data and program from one operating system to another.
For further detail about communication software, you have to wait for upcoming tutorials.

2. Utility Programs:- It is also known as utilities.  It is a set of programs that help computer users in system maintenance tasks, and in performing tasks of routine nature. Some tasks commonly performed by utility programs include formatting of floppy disks, or hard disks, taking backup of files stored on hard disk on to the tape of a floppy disk, sorting of the records stored in a file based on some key fields. Etc.
For further detail about utility programs, you have to wait for upcoming tutorials.

3. Operating systems:- An operating system software takes care of effective and efficient utilization of a hardware and software components of an operating system.

4. Programming Language Translators:-  Programming language translators means that the transformation the instructions which are prepared by programmers in a programming language into a form that can be interpreted and executed by an operating system. To learn more about programming you must have to wait for upcoming tutorials.

In this tutorial, you have learned about system software. if you have any query about this tutorial, then let me know through your comment and you can also send me a mail. And if you like this tutorial then share with others computer lovers.

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