What is computer Software? And Relationship between Hardware and Software.

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I am creating a tutorial here that I hope will be extremely helpful for you based on my learning experience doing this thing for myself. Today I am going to teach you the best of what I have learned, in more than 3 years of being a student of computer science. Today I will teach you about computer software and the relationship between hardware and software. I hope it is helpful for you… Let’s start...

As we know that we always use the terms “Software” and “Hardware” in the connection with computer and laptops. As we simply know that what is actual meaning of Hardware? If we break hardware word then it seems like Hard and Ware. You can say that the Hardware refers to the physical devices of a computer operating system. It means output devices, control, processing, input, storage are hardware.  Let’s go deep in above statements.

What is Software?

As we know that an operating system cannot do anything its own. We have to give instructions to it to make it do as we want to do a job desired. It means it necessary to specify a sequence of instructions an operating system or laptop must perform to solve a problem. Such a sequence of instruction written in a language understood by an operating system or laptop is called a computer program.

A computer program controls an operating system processing activity, and an operating system performs precisely what the program wants it to do. When our operating system has used a program to perform a task or any work, we say, it is running or executing that program.

We can say that software refers to a set of computer programs, procedures and associated documents like flower charts, manuals, etc. these all things describes the programs, and how they are to be used.

A software package is a group of programs that solve a specific problem and perform a specific type of a work and job. Let’s better understood through an example,  a word processing package may contain programs, for text formatting, for text editing, editing graphics, and drawing graphics, checking our spellings and many kinds of job etc. Simply we can say that a multipurpose computer system, a like a personal operating system. It has several software packages, one each for each type of work or job it can be performed.


As we know that hardware and software work together in an operating system. Our operating system cannot be done with hardware on its own, and software cannot be utilized without supporting hardware. Let’s go deeply to above statement.

To take an analogy, a CD player and it CDs purchased for the market are hardware. However, the songs recorded on the CDs are its software. To listen to a song, that your favorite song has to be recorded on one of the CDs first. Which is then mounted on the CD player and played. Similarly, to get a job done by an operating system, the corresponding software has to be loaded in the hardware first and then executed.

These facts about software and hardware bring out the following remember points regarding the relationship between Software and Hardware:

1. Both hardware and software are necessary for a computer to do a useful job. Both are complementary to each other.

2. We can load different software on the same hardware to make a laptop or computer perform different types of work and jobs.

3. Suppose you want to upgrades your (hard disk capacities, or adding speakers, to increasing main memory, modems etc.) hardware is normally a one-time expense, whereas software is a continuing expense. We buy new software for running on the same hardware as and when a need arises, or funds become available.

Hope above information useful for you. If you find any mistake or doubt related this article then let me know through your comment and if you like then don’t forget to share this tutorial with other computer lovers.

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Part 2- How to setup your Facebook Privacy Setting? (Advanced Tutorial)

Read: Part 1- How to setup your Facebook Privacy Setting? (Advanced Tutorial) 
In the last tutorial I told you about the basic but important tips to setup your Facebook privacy setting. If you are reading this tutorial by skipping the last tutorial then I would strongly recommended to you to read previous tutorial because it is very useful for you. So today I will tell you very important tips which helps to secure your account. I hope you like it. Let’s start…

As we know that we were in Facebook setting options on last post. We were completed “Privacy tab” Now we are going to discuss about the second tab on the left side of your screen that’s called timeline and tagging. This is probably even more important. It is little more specific on how we can manage our privacy on Facebook.

So first option is “who can post on your timeline?” as we know that be default I have mine set “Friends” but you can change it into “only me” so selected this option none of your friends will be able to post on your timeline.

However the second option that allows you to review posts that friends tagged you in before they appear on your timeline and you can see mine is turned on so what that means is somebody take a picture of me they post it to my Facebook wall and they tagged me in that picture. Anybody goes to that picture will be able to see it because your friend posted to it. However it won’t displayed on my timeline until I go in and approved it to be displayed so that’s the good way to say yeah friends can post my timeline but I want to review first. So you can use that feature if you’d like as you can see above picture I have it turned on.

Now we are going to third option “who can see what on your timeline” In this option we have the option to use this view as so when we look at our own Facebook Timeline as another person to see what it looks like to them. This isn’t a setting here this is just so we can view our tile and we are not changing anything if we click on that view as link.

Another option is “who can see things on my timeline?”  In this option we can specify who can posts that we’ve been tagged in on our timeline so I’ve mine set custom group but again you could make it so that is inside the many option, Everyone, Friends of Friend, Friends and here lot of different option, the custom group will allow you to say, hey I want all my friends to see it except for this group of people so you might want to play around with that if you need to very specific in who you’re blocking from seeing things on your timeline.

Last option is ”who can see what others posts on your timeline?” In this option you can change the setting as well. I have mine set is only me, you can option your option as you like.

You can also specify who can see what on your timeline? So notice from here you have the option to use this view as so you can look at our own Facebook Timeline as another person to see what it looks like to them this isn’t a setting here this is just, you can view our tile and you’re not change anything. If you click on that View As link.

You can also specify who can posts that you’ve been tagged in on your timeline, so I have mine set “Friends” but again you can make it so that it’s everyone, friends, friends of friends and any other option which is displayed on your screen. If you click on custom, custom allow you to say, hey I want all my friend to see it except for this group of people so you want to play around with that if you need to kind of to be very specific in who you’re blocking from seeing thing on your timeline. And next is who can see what others posts in your timeline? You can change that setting as well.

In this post you have learned about the option timeline and tagging. And remaining steps we will discuss on next tutorial. And if you found any mistake then let me know through your comment and share other computer lovers.
Have a Great Good Day!!
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