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Hey, guys so today we’re going to discuss five books that I think every programmer should read. Let’s begin 

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This book is in no particular order but one of the ones that book is for Python lover the book is Effective Computation in Physics. This is particularly good if you’re using or learning to use python in an academic setting as an undergraduate and postgraduate. Lots of information there on how to handle and you need to use python to handle data but it goes into much more. In this book, you will get the command line and takes you through how you can use the command line and how can benefit from using the command line and then it takes you through  Python and programming in Python from basic upwards. 

In this book, you can get the knowledge from basic to high and this book talks about functions and classes and object and then it puts that to practice in data visualisation and analysis, in this book you can also get the knowledge to sorting your data different file types. 

It is very much aimed at researcher so if you do fall into that category of a researcher that doesn’t program very much or isn’t you know particularly proficient at programming this book helps you. 

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Let’s go to another book that’s I really like is Master of Deception by Michelle Slatalla Joshua Whitner and it’s kind of a book just about the old school hacking groups of nineteen the late of 1980s early 1990s they  went into phone systems they were doing freaking they do hacking and do many more to getting a trouble in New York which is too much interesting about these different kinds of hacking groups.

And how they attacked each other and what they did to really change the world as we know it it’s really cool to know all about the story and I would be recommended to people to buy this book and at least read this book at once.

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Let’s go to another programming book which I highly recommended to you to read, The Pragmatic Programmer which is written by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas and this is kind gives a lot it this is usually recommended to in a lot of lists for programmer on web developers too, you can see here it is straight from the programming trenches that pragmatic programmer cuts to the increasing specialization and technicalities of moderns software’s development to examine the core process taking requirement and producing working maintainable code that delights it, users. It cover’s topic ranging from personal responsibility career development to architectural for keeping your code and you will also get the chapter of modern software which is totally helpful for you.

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The other programming book which I recommended to you to read, Head First Java. This book is the one of the best or simplest way to learn Java. In this book, you can learn about Java. In this book, you can get how you can write code without facing any problem and when you read this book you get detailed about simplest coding with an example. In this book, the explanation is too simple and you can get a fun example which is too good to learn to code. 

In this book, you can get the experts tutorial which helps to improve your Java field. You will also get the professional interviewers question and answers which help to get the job in java field. 

Now going in a little bit more traditional sense I have an another programming books which I read in college when I took an algorithms class and I have talked about before I think algorithms are something that everybody should probably learn just at least some of the basic it is just an another tool in your toolbox you can use as a programmer.
You don’t necessarily need to know algorithms to be a good programmer but I think if you know lot about algorithms it can make you better programmer and especially if you are looking to get a job, a lot of companies required algorithms and you are going to need to be good at them to get jobs not at all of them some so if you really want to go in deep dive in algorithms then there is definitely cracking the coding interview which I like I don’t have a book right here the book is Introduction to Algorithms this is the second edition book it is definitely great it is written by Ronald Rovest

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In this book you will get a large amount of math’s and you will definitely like a college textbook so this is not an easy but if you want to just up an algorithms that you are interested in and get a really detailed overview on algorithms then you can look at this book and try to understand it. In this book, you will too many questions and also available their answers in last of this book.

In above you have learnt that top programming book for programmer, if you have any suggestion related this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And also comment if you know any programming book which help us in programming. And don't forget to share our tutorial to others.

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