What is Ransomware Virus and How you can protect yourself from the Cyber-attack?

Now days, computer hacking is major issue in entire world. Computer hacking increasing day by day. Hacker’s hacks companies and organization data and demands bitcoin not to destroyed his data, with the help of Ransomware virus. It is the most dangerous virus in present time. Today we will discuss about it virus and how you can protect yourself from this virus form the cyber-attack. What is your step to stop and secure your data. I hope you like this tutorial and protect yourself from the cyber-attack. Let’s start….

What is Ransomware Virus?

As we know that Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack. In present, Ransomware is most dangerous virus. Mostly hacker hacks the business network, because hacker demands lots of money to business man or organisation.
Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack, which completely controls the user's computer or smartphone, and after that the Hacker demands payment from the user. In this virus the attacker hack your operating device and do many damaging software downloads without knowing you. And through it, encrypts the user's information and data.
 After this, the hacker threatens to block the file and data access to the user and instead of not doing so, the user demands a lot of fees from in bitcoin. The price of bitcoin is ranging from approx. 300 euro to 1300 euro.

Bitcoin is a kind of currency. Bitcoin runs in most European countries (like Britain, Austria, France, Germany etc) and the United States. Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is used in digital transactions.

How you can protect yourself from the cyber-attack?

There are many ways to protect yourself from the cyber-attack. To follow below steps, you can easily protect your data or information to the cyber-attack. Follow below steps…

1) Antivirus:- As we know that antivirus is a software. Who detect the virus and destroyed it. Antivirus is playing an important role to prevent your operating system. It is easily detect the ransomware virus from your file and data, after that it destroyed the virus.

2) Backup Your Data:- Make backups is the best way to save your data, information, images and many important things. If you have a backups for your data then if ransomware virus destroyed your data then you can easily get your data with backups.

3) Keep your software updated:- if you are using appropriate software then hacker hacks easily hacks your data. And if you are regular updated your software then hacker face many problem to hack your data. Simple, we know that the updated software mean that it is more advance rather than old software version, which helps to secure your information or data.

4) Security Plans:- if you’re a business owner, then you have to make a security plans to your business. Security plans mean that if someone trying to hack your device then what will you do? What is your next step to prevent yourself to cyber-attack and many security plans which helps to prevent this.

5) Never click Fake links:- it is very important point which you have to remember that never click on fishy links. If you don’t know about that links never click on that. If you click on that type of links, probably it is cyber- attack. Then beware the fake links and secure yourself.

To follow above steps, you can easily protect yourself from the cyber-attack. If you have any question related this post then let me know through you comment and if you like this post then share to other. And also join us on social networking sites.
Have to good day!!

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