How to Make Pen Drive Bootable?

I received many tweets or messages, sir how I make my pen drive bootable? I appreciate to all of your opinions to share your thought. In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to make pen drive bootable? When you read this tutorial after that you should follow below steps and you can easily make your pen drive bootable. I hope you like this tutorial. Let’s start….

As we know that many people don’t know how to make pen drive bootable and they paid money to other, to make pen drive bootable. There are many ways to create bootable pen drive. Follow below step and save your money.

Step 1.  Install Power ISO in your system.

There are many software available in the market which helps to you make your pen drive bootable. But you have to buy that software. If you are looking free software to make your pen drive bootable then you have to download Power ISO software.

Power ISO is not for make bootable pen drive, in this software you can do more thing which you want to do with Power ISO software. Click here to download power ISO. 

Step 2- Open and Go to Tools Menu

When you complete the process of downloading after that run Power ISO in your operating system. Now open Power ISO and go to tools menu and follow below step.

Note:- if Your Power ISO is unregistered then no problem, you can easily use this software without any license and registration key.

Step 3- Click on Create Bootable USB Drive.

Now you’re in tools menu, In tool menu click on “create bootable USB drive” when you click on this option, Power ISO window screen displayed on your window screen. you have to permit this option, this option mean that you’re an administration of your operating system. And you want to continue to make a bootable USB drive.

After that this software displayed another Power ISO window screen, in this Power ISO window screen you have to click on “yes” option to continue the process.

Step 4- Window Image and USB Drive

After clicking on Yes option, Power ISO displayed “Create Bootable USB Drive” window screen. In this window screen, you have to follow below guidelines.

1)  In image file option, you have to select the window image and open in the window screen.
2) Destination USB drive, in this option you have to select you USB destination in which drive your pen drive are. When you select all option (window image and USB drive) after that you have to click on start option.

Now your software makes your pen drive bootable. It takes time then have patience and do not remove your USB while it is work and please not shut down your operating system.

Note- If you have a window image then you have to use Power ISO. If you haven’t a window image then above step is not for you.

There are many ways to make bootable your pen drive, it is one of them. Power ISO is the easiest way to make bootable pen drive.

In next tutorial, we will discuss on how to make window image.

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In this post, you have learned about how to make bootable pen drive? if you found any mistake then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial then share to other who does not know how to make bootable pen drive. And don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Have a good day!!

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