Introduction to C programming language

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I received many messages or tweets, sir, why you’re you not making a tutorial on C Programming? So my friends, today we will talk about on introduction to C programming language.  In this tutorial, we will discuss the c language. What is c? Why we use the c programming language? Why it is important? Is it necessary for us? We are discussing on it. It is the beginning of c programming language. I hope you like it. Let’s start……

What is a Programming Language?

Before defining a c programming language, we must have knowledge of programming language. First, we learn, what is programming language then we discuss what c programming language is?
Basically, a programming language is a machinery language. Programming language helps to give instructions to machine-like a computer or any other.  It is also communicated to the machine easily. As we know that the machine takes information in binary form like 1, 0. Programming language gives us a platform where users connect to computer with making understand. Where are no barriers in user and Computer?

For example, in modern times students take interest in C++ and Java. It is an object-oriented programming language. And C is a structured programming language. Today we are discussing on the c programming language.

What is C Programming Language?

Well, it is a wonderful opportunity to describe the question. As we know that if we have to learn something then we must have to learn basic. In simple, it is known as a basic structured programming language. It is an easy or simple way to learn a programming language. C is a structured programming language.  It is derived by “B” (Basic combined programming language). It is designed or written by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Labs in 1972. When the c programming language launched, it is replaced the other programming language is ALGOL. But when the user or student learn c programming language, student preferred to first learn c programming.

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Some Facts about C Programming Language 

There are some facts about C Programming Language,

1.  C programming language is derived by B programming Language.  In the early of 1970, c         
      programming language is launched.
2.  It is created by the operating system which is known as the UNIX operating system in earlier,
3.  Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan published his first edition “C Programming Language”,  in
4. The UNIX operating system was totally written in the C programming language.
5. In 1983, the American National Standard Institute Committee (ANSI) was decided to modify c
     programming language. This programming language was modified in 1988, which was known
     as “ANSI C”.

Why we use C Programming Language?

As we know that there are many languages that are available in the market to learn. But many people suggest to should learn c programming language first. The reason behind that is a c programming language is basically used to create software where we give instruction to the computer and he follows our instruction and does as we want. In C programming language, when we do coding as we want and the computer displayed it.  When we have to make new software then we use c programming language. The language worked as coding and then compile it. Now a question is putting up, what is coding in a programming language? When the user gives instruction to the computer in written form, the written form is called coding.

If you have any queries related to this tutorial then comment below. And don’t forget to share this post with other programmers. In the next tutorial, we will discuss on the compiler.

Have a good day!!

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How to Make Pen Drive Bootable?

I received many tweets or messages, sir how I make my pen drive bootable? I appreciate to all of your opinions to share your thought. In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to make pen drive bootable? When you read this tutorial after that you should follow below steps and you can easily make your pen drive bootable. I hope you like this tutorial. Let’s start….

As we know that many people don’t know how to make pen drive bootable and they paid money to other, to make pen drive bootable. There are many ways to create bootable pen drive. Follow below step and save your money.

Step 1.  Install Power ISO in your system.

There are many software available in the market which helps to you make your pen drive bootable. But you have to buy that software. If you are looking free software to make your pen drive bootable then you have to download Power ISO software.

Power ISO is not for make bootable pen drive, in this software you can do more thing which you want to do with Power ISO software. Click here to download power ISO. 

Step 2- Open and Go to Tools Menu

When you complete the process of downloading after that run Power ISO in your operating system. Now open Power ISO and go to tools menu and follow below step.

Note:- if Your Power ISO is unregistered then no problem, you can easily use this software without any license and registration key.

Step 3- Click on Create Bootable USB Drive.

Now you’re in tools menu, In tool menu click on “create bootable USB drive” when you click on this option, Power ISO window screen displayed on your window screen. you have to permit this option, this option mean that you’re an administration of your operating system. And you want to continue to make a bootable USB drive.

After that this software displayed another Power ISO window screen, in this Power ISO window screen you have to click on “yes” option to continue the process.

Step 4- Window Image and USB Drive

After clicking on Yes option, Power ISO displayed “Create Bootable USB Drive” window screen. In this window screen, you have to follow below guidelines.

1)  In image file option, you have to select the window image and open in the window screen.
2) Destination USB drive, in this option you have to select you USB destination in which drive your pen drive are. When you select all option (window image and USB drive) after that you have to click on start option.

Now your software makes your pen drive bootable. It takes time then have patience and do not remove your USB while it is work and please not shut down your operating system.

Note- If you have a window image then you have to use Power ISO. If you haven’t a window image then above step is not for you.

There are many ways to make bootable your pen drive, it is one of them. Power ISO is the easiest way to make bootable pen drive.

In next tutorial, we will discuss on how to make window image.

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In this post, you have learned about how to make bootable pen drive? if you found any mistake then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial then share to other who does not know how to make bootable pen drive. And don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Have a good day!!

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How to Use Instagram for Business?


As we know that social media is playing an important role in our business. What is its importance? Why we need social media help? Why we use Instagram to expand our business?

As we know that social media help us to explore our business that’s why we use social media help. Today we will discuss about how to use Instagram for business and what Instagram playing an important role to explore our business.

If you’re a beginner in Instagram and you don’t have information about that and you want use to Instagram for your business then you follow some strategy and you also think what our followers wants from us and what we give?

When you read this tutorial then you’ve realized that the one fundamental thing. In this post you have learned, Instagram is not photo sharing app. Here you can share your point of view, your products, you can use Instagram, to attract people to buy your products and you can also use this app to increase website traffic. And much more which help to increase your business. Let’s start what we have to do to make your brand visible to the new market.

Follow this Strategy and Explore Your Business

Here some instruction which helps to you to explore your business. There are some simple or effective step which help to visible your brand to the new market. This strategy is also applied to the beginners.

0    1)     Creating Account:- First download your Instagram app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Instagram is a free app. You can easily download form Apple or Google Play Store. After that you should install form your Android or any other smart phone. When you open this app you should create account. You can create Instagram account with the help of Gmail or Facebook login.

0    2)     Attracted Brand Name:- When you create an account, you have to give your business name with attractive profile picture. But you should select attractive brand name, brand profile picture. An attracted profile picture is getting a positive impression and visitor attract on it. And he has confirmed to visit your account.

0    3)     Username and Short Description:- As we know that Username is also playing an important role to explore your business. If you do not give their username then how visitor find you and how other new visitor join to your Instagram account. If you add username then ignored above line.

Instagram give us 150 word character to describe about your account. Where you can share about your business description. In description you can share your website links and you can also share your business details.

0    4)     Share Interesting Post:- when we do all step 3 then, we have to share some interesting post. Interesting Post is the way where visitor know about your account. If you want to engagement on your account then you have to share some interesting post, like fun images, facts, informative images, Quotes and many more related your brands.

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      5)     Use Hashtag:-  Hashtag is the best way to get followers. It is the short way to make visible your brand in your social market. For example, suppose you are programmer and you have an interesting facts about programming then you have to share post with hashtag. Hashtag explore your post with engagement. It also help to increase engagement. Some Hashtag in computer Field #computer #programming #code #java etc.

0    6)     Share Latest Updates:- To attract many followers or visitor you have to share latest updates in your Instagram account. Visitor wants new or latest update. Visitor never attract on your account, if you share old updates, copy Images, and Uninteresting Facts. Want more Followers then you have to share latest update like latest technology, latest news, latest images and many more.

0    7)     Share Image with Question:- If you want to engagement on your post then you have to share questionable post. We should always share images with question post to increase engagement and more engagement mean more followers or effective post.

0    8)   Think Like Visitor:- This is very strong or effective point to expand your business in social networking sites. If you want to make visible your brand then you have to think like a visitor. And think what visitor want us and what we give. The coordination of your and visitor has shame then you have made your brand visible.

0    9)     Follow your Followers Rule:- It is the best way to get more followers. If you someone follow you then you have to follow back, this is the best way to increase followers and as we know that more followers means the good platform to visible brands.

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      10)     Promote Your Instagram Account:-  if you don’t have patience and you want to followers with an easy way then you have to promote your Instagram account to visible your brand in social. Promote is the simple or easy way to increase the followers.

Suppose you promote your account but the followers are not organic and no one engage in your post. So as my suggestion don’t promote your account, take patience and do hard work you can easily increase your followers.

If you follow the above strategy with patience then you can easily make visible your brand in Instagram world. If you like this post then share to other who want to start your business with Instagram. If you found any mistake then let me know through your comment.

Have a good day. 
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