20 Surprising Fact About The Internet- You Don't Know

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As we know all that how to use the Internet, what it is the benefit? What is work? Why the Internet useful for us? Today we will discuss the surprising facts about Internet. In this article, we will discuss something new about the Internet, Believe me, it is new for you. I hope you like this post. Let’s start…
Note : - This data take from multiple locations in December 2016.

20)  Gmail fastest login world record is 1:16 seconds.
19)  The first email sent by Ray Tomlinson, Ray send first email himself in 1971.
18) The first spam email sent by Gary Thuerk
17)  First register domain is Symbolics.com 

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16)  In 2004, Google looks like this.

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15) In 2004, Mark Facebook look like this.

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14) You know 15% sex offenders use online dating.
13)  Match.com has more than 12 million active members in 2004, and one million babies born have been born Couple who meet Match.com
12) We spend more time browsing with mobile.
11)  You Know more than 250 million active accounts on Twitter.
10) 600 million tweets sent every day on Twitter
09) Approx. 2000 tweets send every second. 
08) The actual meaning of amazon logo is you can buy everything A to Z. (See is logo arrow)

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07) Check Here How old is the Internet in a number of days? 
06) First Video on Youtube ME AT THE ZOO 

 05) Most View video on Youtube PSY- GANGNAM STYLE over 2 million views. 

04) Most Dislike video on Youtube JUSTIN BIEBER- BABY FEAT LUDACRIS. 

03) Most liked video on Youtube WIZ KHALIFA- SEE YOU AGAIN FT. CHARLIE PUTH. 

02) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Id no is 4.
01)  According to Guinness Book of World Records 2005, Mr Barbara Blackburn fastest typist in English in the world.

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