How To Delete Save Facebook or Other Password in Chrome?

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I receive many messages, how to delete or remove save password in google chrome. Today we will discuss about this topic. Friends suppose that you have to login your Facebook or Gmail account in google chrome at first time, then the google chrome ask to remember your password and you have choose yes option, then google chrome by default save your Gmail/Facebook id or Password. Google chrome provide the best way to remember your password, but it is not safe method if someone other use your personal operating system.
If you want to remove or delete save id or password you have to follow some step which is given below.
1) First you have to open google chrome menu and click on Setting.

2) When you click on setting you have to go end of the page and click on show advanced setting and go below you see “Password and forms” section.
3) Enable both mark box and go to Manage passwords and click on it. Below image show the above description.

4) When you click on manage passwords, password dialog open in front on your screen, and chrome displayed all save id or password with their website name.

If you want to forget your password then click on your id and show your password, if you want to remove or delete your id or password then click on it and delete the id or password. Below Image displayed the above description.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks for Official Use

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Hey Friends, Today I will teach you some Tips and Tricks about Gmail Account. In this tutorial I will tell you some basic and interesting tips and tricks related Gmail Account. It is a free email service. Gmail email service provided by Google. This tutorial help those people who want to know some basic knowledge or tips and tricks about Gmail email service. Let’s start…..

To change the icon into text you must have to login in your Gmail account and follow the instruction as given below.
1) Go to the setting, and select the option of setting again.
2) Go to general tab
3) And do step which is displayed as given below.
Suppose you have to read a important message and you can’t find the message then you have to use multiple color star in Gmail account to easy find the message or stuff.

1) Go to the setting, and select the option of setting again.
2) Go to general tab
3) And do step which is displayed as given below.
4) You have to drag the star IN USE row and you have to save the option now you can use the star in gmail message.
5) The starts rotate in the order as you set in the general setting.

Hide or Show inbox management Label is very important feature in Gmail account. You must have to use this option in Gmail. Let’s start to hide or show inbox management label in Gmail.
1) Go to the setting, and select the option of setting again.
2) Go to Labels tab.
3) Click on hide/show button to hide or show labels.

If you want to read your mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster. So you have to use Preview pane option to show your list of conversation and also preview of this mail. Let’s start to enable preview pane.

Now you can read the mail right next to your list conversation, without changing the tabs. You can also see the preview of mail in vertically and horizontally. Preview pane is best for official use, It save your time.

In this post you have learn some gmail tips and tricks. if you have found any mistake or doubt then let me know through your comment. and if you like this post don't forget to share.
Next tutorial we will discuss some new or interesting tips related to Gmail.
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