How to change the Background color, text color, font size in Facebook or Twitter?

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My favorite color is blue. But i wanna do something new. One day I sit on the chair and think how I can change the background color of the popular social media website. Like Facebook, Twitter and many other website. Then I research on it. After some time I found the best way to change the background color or text in Facebook or Twitter. This is very simple Process to change the background color or text. I hope that will you really enjoy this. Let’s start.

1) Fabulous is the best way to change the background color or many more. Fabulous is an extension that allows the user to change the background color, text and many more.
2) First of all you have to open your Google Chrome web store and type Fabulous. Click Here 
3) Mark the check Box in Extension.
4) Select the Extension and add the chrome.

5) You have to add the extension in your chrome.
6) Now open your Facebook and login in your account.

7) Open your Fabulous extension and allow the permission to Facebook or Twitter.

8) Now you can change the background color and text color, font color and many more as you want.

This is a simple way to change the Facebook or other social media background. You can change your text, cursor, edge, ad block, photo zoom and many more which is given in this extension.
Note:- The background of the popular site is only displayed on your desktop. This extension never displayed publicly. No one see your change background on other side. I hope you like this method. Please don’t forget to share.
Have a nice day!

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Microsoft word 2013 tips and tricks ( Home and Modified Function)

Before starting this tutorial Microsoft word tips and tricks we must have the basic knowledge of Microsoft word. Microsoft word allow the user to write and edit the text document. It is a best way to edit your document or text document, here user save your edit text document. Microsoft word have a best tools to edit your document. It best when you have to do official work. Word has a helpful tools to edit your document.
In this tutorial we will discuss some basic tips and tricks and believe me that’s tricks is new for you.

First of all we have to discuss on some basic concepts on Microsoft word.
In Microsoft word 2013 you see here some new features compared to another version of office 2007 or 2010. When you first open Microsoft word 2013 you’re the presented some latest templates like Resume format, Certificate format, Event format and many other. It is a latest features in word to make an easier for user.

If you not find what you looking for you can easily find to search online templates, then download it.

In office 2013, you have the on the left hand side here you have the file menu in the file menu then you have the different sub option on the left hand side. Below image displayed the different sub option in file menu.

Above image displayed some general option like Info, New, Open, Save, Save As and many more which is displayed in above image.

Here you have a file option and the whole thing here, the office ribbon here and ribbon has different tabs of different sets and subsets of the tools on each set or subsets of tools.

When you use word 2013, you noticed that here there are different sections. For example here you see a font section, paragraph section, style section and editing section. If you see menu option like old version is so different below image displayed the home ribbon and here different sets.

This tutorial you have learn about some basic info related to Microsoft word 2013, Next tutorial we will discuss about some more modified function related Microsoft word. If you have found and mistake and doubt, then let me know through you comment.
Have a Good Day!!

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