How to make a (text bold, italic or other font) in Facebook?

I receive many tweet or messages, How to make a (text bold, italic or other font) in Facebook? Today I will tell you how to make a text bold, italic or other font in Facebook. Friends believe me it is very simple method to make your font bold or italic. As we know that Facebook didn’t give us any tool or option to change your font. But I tell you how to make change your text font. I hope will you really enjoy this. Let’s start.
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First of all you have to login on your Facebook or twitter account.
Click or visit below link to change your font.
1) Mothereff
2) Symbols-N-Emoticons
3) Yaytext

You have to visit above website and write here what you want.
Here you have displayed many text fonts.
Choose one of them and copy the text and paste on your Facebook status, message or use other activity. Below image displayed the above description.

You can also use same method to change the font in twitter account.
In this tutorial you have learn how to change a font on Facebook or Twitter easily. If you face any problem then let me know through your comment. And if you like this post then doesn’t forget to share on social media. And also like us on Facebook.
Have a good day. 

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General Computer Quiz Question

This tutorial refers for that person who wants to increase your computer basic knowledge. In this tutorial you have learn about the computer general Knowledge. I hope will you really enjoy this. Let's start. 

1      Who is the chief executive of Apple?

a)      James Harell

b)      Tim cook

c)       Jeff Bezos

d)      Steve jobs
2      Who is the owner of Paytm?

a)      Vijay Shekhar Sharma

b)      Mahesh kumar Mishra

c)       Arvind Kumar

d)      Deepak Rathor

3      The display size of a moniter is measured is

a)      Horizontally

b)      Vertically

c)       Corner to center

d)      Diagonally.  

4     The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called………….

a)      Processor

b)      Joy Stick

c)       Analytical Engine

d)      Big Computer

5      What is c?

a)      C is a Machine Name

b)      C is an Alphabet Name

c)       C is a Computer Programming language.

d)      All of the above.

6      What is a CD- Rom?

a)      Mechanical Drive

b)      Optical Drive

c)       Electro magnetive Device.

d)      All of the above

7      What is IP stands for?

a)      Interface Protocol

b)      Internet Programming

c)       Individual Protocol

d)      Internet Protocol.

8      Which is the most powerful type of computer?

a)      Super computer

b)      Mini Computer

c)       Big computer

d)      None of the above

9      Who is the owner of Amazon?

a)      Jeff Bezos

b)      Mark zukerberg

c)       Jasper infotech

d)      Sandeep Aggarwal

1   Who is the owner of Twitter?

a)      Biz Stone

b)      Noah glass

c)       Dick costolo

d)      Jack Dorsey

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In this tutorial

you have learn about some general question related to computer. If you like this post please doesn’t forget to share. And if you find any mistake then let me know through your comment.

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