Computer Quiz Questions for beginners.

In this article we will discuss about General computer knowledge. When we start on computer work we must have the Basic computer knowledge. Let's start

Who is the father of computer?
1. Charles Babbage
2. Charles Darwin
3. Mark zuckerberg
4. Larry page
Answer- Charles Babbage

Who is the first president of MS(Microsoft) Corporation?
1. Kristi Gates
2. William Henry Gates
3. Bill Gates
4. Phoebe Adele Gates
Answer- Bill Gates

What is the full form of RAM?
1. Read Access Memory
2. Random Air Memory
3. Road Airlift Memory
4. Random Access Memory
Answer- Random Access Memory

Which is not an input device?
1. Camera
2. Plotters
3. Joystick
4. Keyboard
Answer- Plotters

Dos stand for-------------
1. Disk Operating System
2. Don’t Operating System
3. Dot Operating System
4. Disk Operating Subject
Answer- Disk Operating System

Who is the founder of Google?
1. Sergey Brin
2. Mark Zuckerberg
3. Bill Gates
4. Larry Page
Answer- Sergey Brin or Larry Page

How many rows and column in excel work sheet?
1. 10,45,582   Row and 16,587  Column
2. 10,48,576   Row and 16,384  Column
3. 10,58,245   Row and 18,548   Column
4. 10,47, 548  Row and 18,114  Column
Answer- 10,48,576  Row and 16,384  Column

Computer stand for -------------
1. Common Operating Machine Particular used for Trade Education Research
2. Common Operating Machine Particular used for Trade Entertainment Research
3. Common Operating Machine Particular used for Techanical Education Research
4. All of the above
Answer- All of the above

HTML is basically used to design
1. Web-Page
2. Web Site
3. Graphics
4. None of the above
Answer- Web-page

Which is the following is not an operating system?
1. Linux
2. Operating System
3. Window
4. Mozila

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Today you have learn about some genral computer knowledge. If you found any mistake or missing in this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial doesn't forget to like my page on Facebook and also follow me on Twitter.

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