Computer Parts and Its Function.

In this last post you have learned about the introduction to computer. Today I will teach you the main component of a pc you also say computer parts. Before starting this tutorial we must have the knowledge of introduction to computer.  I hope that will you really enjoy this.
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  • Mainboard or Motherboard- Mainboard link all the components together and routes of the data. Mainboard is a circuit board which is making up a complex electronic system, such as a modern computer.

It is also known as baseboard, mother of computer, logic board, system board and it also called mobo.

  • Central Processing unit- central processing unit is a “brain of computer.”  Processor is a component in a digital computer capable of executing a program. It is also known as Microprocessor or processor.

  • Audio card- An audio card is an expansion that facilities the input and output of audio signals from a control of computer programs. Audio card include providing the audio component for multimedia such as video, entertainment, audio etc. Modern computer have not built in audio card, while other requires additional expansion cards to provide for audio capability. It is also known as sound card.
  •  Graphics card- Graphic card is a hardware topic. A graphic card also referred to as a graphics accelerator card, graphic card, display adapter etc is an item of personal computer hardware whose function is to generate and output images to a displayed.

  • Disc Drive- It is a disk drive that uses electronic magnet waves as part of the process of writing or reading data peripheral device that stored data on disc drive. Most disc drive only read from disc but some disc drive are both recorder and reader.

  • CPU cooler fan- As we know its name is cooler fan, simply it is cool our processing unit. You can also say cooling is the process of removing heat from your computer.

  • Speakers- speakers enable to listen sound when you see music, movies, play games etc. speakers come in all size and shape. The standard sound connection is 3.5mm stereo jack plug often color-coded lime green for computer audio cards.

  • Computer Cabinet- Cabinet is an enclosure that contains the main component of an operating system. Most of a cabinet constructed from steel, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Computer cabinet is also known as simply case, computer box, computer chassis).

Random Access Memory(RAM)
Read Only Memory(ROM)

In this tutorial you have learn about the major component of computer parts. In the next tutorial we were discuss on communication ports. If you found any mistake or missing in this tutorial than let me know through your comment. And if you like this article doesn’t forget to like my page on Facebook and also follow me on twitter.

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